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We are trusted by the most successsful Agencies, Advertisers and brands. We generate customers and users on pay-for-performance model(CPA,CPL,CPP,CPE,CPS).

We convert traffic into profit on global preferences


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About Us

We provide a network
linking advertisers & publishers

Affiliate Marketing are brought to life

We offer endless high quality Niche affiliate products that are ready for you to promote by simply copying and pasting a link on social media - no editing required!

PremiumCPAleads Network is a CPA based affiliate network and we have a growing number of active affiliate offers in every vertical you intend to promote. We do not focus on one particular vertical, but rather try to provide for a wide range of different publishers. We have exclusive and high converting offers on different vertical which include but not limited to Loan & Payday, Health & Beauty, Diet, Mobile install, Forex, Binary, Gambling, Download, Pin Submit. We are open to all different legitimate traffic types and encourage our publishers to be creative in their promotions. Dedicated and Experienced Affiliate Manager Direct and Exclusive offers Instant Approval Weekly Payment We support and encourage our affiliates

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what we do

Performance Evaluation

We evaluate performance in terms of EPCs, CRs, ROIs, revenue, and more, KPIs that are important to our clients. All pricing models are available from CPA, CPI, CPL, & CPS.


We work on several verticals/tags such as Insurance, Finance, Payday Loan, Health/Beauty, Forex/Binary, Sweepstakes, Email submit, Survey, Gaming, Home Improvement, iOS, Android, Education and lots more.

Maximized Revenue

We connect Advertisers with Publishers to deliver quality user acquisition on Cost-Per-Action (CPA, CPI, CPL, CPE, CPS) pricing model. We strive to maximize the ROI of every partner.

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Our affiliate products are created by premiumCPAleads publishers for premiumCPAleads publishers. When you promote a content locking or affiliate product niche, you will earn money each time your visitor completes a CPA offer or installs a CPI mobile app to access your Niche's content.

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